We are proud to add to our packaging solutions portfolio  and increasing amount of options where our products have been modified to be significantly more environmentally friendly. Our products can be produced in a number of ways:

Post consumer recycled (PCR) content

Packaging produced with plastic films which come from resins that have from 25% to 90% recycled content and are suitable for direct food contact

Sustainable resins and raw materials

Packaging produced with plastic films that are made with resins that are not derivatives from oil and gas petroleum products but rather direct from plants that are renewable resources

Fully recyclable packaging

Mono-layer or multi-layer packaging that utilizes plastic films from the same family.   For example a pouch made without a reverse printed lamination process therefore being a single plastic film strong enough to support the final use.  Or a package made from a laminated structure of PP/PP, or PE/PE or PET/PET sealable.

Bio-degradable packaging

Packaging made with plastic films that have been modified to be landfill friendly and will meet biodegradable standards, and at the same time still maintain shelf life requirements.

BOPE coming soon!

BOPE (biaxially oriented polyethylene) is forecasted to change structures of many packages.  Our suppliers are nearing a fully commercial version which will further enhance our options for you!