Grab & Go Packaging

Quick and easy packing. Self-adhesive closure. Eat-from-pocket.

Our drip and greaseproof Grab and Go bags are perfect for your hot or cold items. They are easy to pack with a self adhesive closure. Just roll away, tear the top of the bag and enjoy your snack!

Inventory Items


  • Plain or micro perf
  • Thermo bag for hot items. Double layer paper to keep product warm while bag is cool to the touch. Available in all paper or paper/ film
  • Peel seal for self adhesive closure
  • Re-closeable- perfect option to add condiments
  • Suitable for hot or cold foods
  • Safe for convention ovens/ hot tables
  • Roll away to close for easy packing. Package adjusts to the size of your product
  • Custom print
  • Grease proof white or kraft paper
  • Tear away top of the bag to eat from pocket
  • Bottom gussets allow your product to stand up right
  • Each case for the fifty-fifty, all paper and thermo bag  comes with a complimentary stand up counter display, user manual and packaging box
  • Available in all paper or paper/film
  • Various stocked sizes
  • All stocked bags are printed  with a generic print and with instructions on the bags

Available options:

    Lock Bag Razor

    Comes with a large window, a re-sealable flap and a tear away feature in the top half of the bag. Custom print on the flap or on the back of the bag

    Tear Away

    Comes with a tear away feature allowing you to consume right away out of a drip free pocket


    Half window and half paper, an ideal way to present your product. Also comes with tear away feature

    All Paper

    The grease- proof paper is perfect for messy products such as burgers and sandwiches. Comes with a red tab for a tear away feature

    XXL Pano Razor

    Clear window front and a paperback panel as well as a resealable label that allows you to adjust the size of the bag. Tear away feature included


    Show case your brand with our custom printing option. Stocked bags have a generic print with instructions printed on the bags

    Tear Away

    Tear Away Comes with a tear away feature allowing you to consume right away out of a drip free pocket

    Thermo Bag

    Double layer paper that keeps your product warm and the bag cool to the touch. Great for hot subs or paninis

    Closing Option

    Self adhesive seal for easy packing. Open to add condiments or take a bite and reclose to consume later!


    Each case comes with a packing box, counter display and a user manual

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