Flat & Gusseted Bags

Affordable. Practical. Retail Friendly.

Our flat and gusseted bags are an affordable and simple way to package your products, and keep them fresh. They are ideal for crusty breads , fresh or frozen baked goods, fresh produce, deli meats and cheeses, dry foods, candy and more.

Perforation pattern and material can be altered to suit product and desired shelf life.

Inventory Items


  • High clarity materials: BOPP, CPP, PE, PET, (laminations available)
  • Sustainable materials available (biodegradable, compostable, PCR, recyclable)
  • Micro, macro or laser perforations
  • Antifog, barrier and freezer additive options
  • Wickets, hot weld or perforation tear line
  • Available for hand pack or auto pack
  • Heat sealable
  • Custom size and print
  • Faux paper print
  • Paper (white or kraft)
  • Zipper or peel seal options
  • Tamper evident closure- with tear notch or perf to tear
  • Bottom gussets
  • Side gussets

Available options:

    Faux Paper

    Achieve the look and feel of paper with our unique printing technique. Can be combined with gloss ink to make your logo “pop”


    Addition fill space or to allow your items to stand upright, bottom and side gussets are available


    Add a zipper or peel seal for easy, secure closure


    Reduce labor and material costs with our high quality custom printed bags


    Choose a traditional kraft paper bag to package your artisan breads or baked goods. Window and gussets available

    Micro Perforation

    Extend shelf life with a micro perforation. Perfect for hot crusty breads, leafy greens and green beans

    Macro Perforation

    Extend shelf life with macro perforation for produce

    Laser Perforation

    Extend shelf life with laser perforations for cut produce and herbs. Great for steam release packaging

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