Form Fill & Seal Film

Reduce labor costs. Extend shelf life. Strong seals.
Save on labor and reduce your packing time with over wrap film for your VFFS and HFFS machine.

Inventory Items


  • Plain, micro, macro or laser perforations
  • Anti-fog and barrier options available
  • Faux paper options
  • Custom print
  • Laminated films or single structure films

Available options:


    Add print to your film to eliminate labels and save on labor

    Macro Perforation

    Extend the shelf life of your produce with macro perforations; Available in 5mm or 8mm punched holes


    Protect product from moisture, gas and odor

    Micro Perforation

    Extend shelf life for your leafy greens or warm baked breads with micro perforations; Available in P1, P8, P30, P60, P160

    Laser Perforation

    Extend shelf life with laser perforation. Great for cut produce


    Prevent accumulation of fog and condensation in either hot or cold environments

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