Enhance product visibility. Boost shelf appeal. Improve product safety.

Perfect for products that are narrower at the bottom and wider at  the top, such as flowers, potted herbs or plants, vegetables such as tomatoes on the vine or pointed peppers

Inventory Items


  • Ultra-clear polypropylene – for product visibility
  • High-quality perforations
  • Custom size
  • Custom print
  • Open or sealed bottom
  • Loose, wicketed, hot-welded or perforated tear line
  • Zipper or peal seal closure options

Available options:


    Eliminate the costs and labor involved in applying labels


    Available in laser, micro or macro perforations for breathability

    Anti fog

    Prevent accumulation of fog and condensation in either hot or cold environments


    Closure Add a zipper or peel seal for easy, secure closure


    Biodegradable and recyclable options available.

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