Technical consultation
Having been in the packaging business for over four decades, we have the knowledge and experience required to identify and source the package that suits your needs. Whether your priority is to enhance your brand appeal, extend product shelf life or reduce your carbon footprint, our dedicated sales team will rise to the challenge!
Not only do we provide flexible packaging but we also offer flexible financials terms customized to your program such as consignment, direct shipments, extended terms, discount terms and rebates. We can accommodate you based on your financial needs.
Global Sourcing
We work with a broad global network of trusted manufacturing partners throughout North America, Europe and Asia allowing us to provide high quality packaging and bring new ideas/concepts to the market. This also gives us the ability to avoid risks, such a supply shortage, that a single source can incur.
We know how important it is for you to have your delivery just in time. That is why we partner with the most reliable brokers and trucking companies offering you the best transit times and prices. Our services include providing tracking information, delivery notifications and PODs as well as making sure your product arrives safely.
There’s no need for packaging material to take up valuable space at your premises. We’d be happy to hold onto your consignment in our warehouse locations and supply it to you when you need it. Our turn-around time for in-stock items is 24-48 hours upon receipt of your order. We also offer the option to pick up your order. If you are not located close to one of our current warehouse locations, we are open to placing a stock program in an agreed-upon location that is more convenient for you.
Graphic Assistance/ Creative Services
Through our graphic studio partner, we can help you with designing your custom package to market your product and enhance your brand appeal.