Sandwiches, bagels, pretzels and pastries… perfect for a snack in between meals, or a light lunch. But how do you present them in an attractive way, keep them fresh or even hot between prep and consumption, and all with zero human contact?


Since the Corona pandemic hit, sales of convenience foods have skyrocketed, just as the issue of food-related hygiene became absolutely critical. Wherever food is prepared, served, or sold, whether in institutions, schools, hospitals, at the deli counter, or at convenience stores that are selling more and more ready-to-eat fresh meals, greater efforts than usual must now be made to eliminate human contact, in order to avoid further spreading of the virus. Meanwhile, lockdown and social distancing regulations have seen restaurants and cafes switch from in-house dining to take-away services, which have further increased the demand for packaging. Meeting the highest standards of both hygiene and convenience, Grab & Go Packaging provides the perfect solution for the new normal requirements.


Let’s start with the food prep end of the packaging experience. Maintaining hygiene during packaging of fresh food requires minimal contact. To achieve this requirement, Grab & Go solutions are extra easy to open, and their convenient self-adhesive seal makes them quick and simple to close. To make it even easier to ‘grab & go’, a stand-up counter display and a packaging box are supplied with every packaging unit. So, when packing cookies, sandwiches, or any other snack, the food can simply be inserted into the pocket, and rolled away for an effortless tight and secure self-seal.


Ideal for pre-prepared, pre-packaged items, these Grab & Go bags can be easily displayed upright on a shelf or countertop, ready and waiting for the lunchtime rush. As well as being clean and hygienic, the bags are also printable, allowing for logos, product descriptions, and even cheery message to be incorporated into the design. Grease-resistant and able to withstand heat, the bags are also suitable for keeping food warm on a heating table or even in a conventional oven, while the thermo-bag option keeps items warmer than simply wrapping them in aluminum foil would.


What about the customer experience? Well, the phrase that we ‘eat with our eyes’ is absolutely true – people are drawn to food that looks appetizing. That’s why snack bags have been designed with a clear film window that provides a tantalizing peak of the goodness inside. For easy access to the snack, a tear-away feature allows the customer to simply rip off the top half of the bag, creating a no-drip pocket – perfect for crumb-free, no mess, on-the-go dining, anytime, anywhere!


In addition to supporting hygiene requirements, clean and simple packaging, and user-centric design, Grab & Go bags are also minimalistic, taking up less space in transportation, storage, and garbage than the standard clam shell or box, making them a more environmentally friendly option.


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Baked goods flexible packaging
Maximum freshness and no mess, no crumbs, no drip snacking.
Thanks to the efficient tear-off perforation, the snack can be consumed straight away and cleanly on the go.